20 Things not to do in Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka Travel tips.

  1.  You might need a special driver’s license to rent a car.
    Dress polite when you visit religious places. No short pants.
  2. Make sure you do not have a Buddha tattoo. Because locals think it is kind of insulting to lord Buddha.
  3. Prostitution is strictly prohibited in Sri Lanka.
    Prostitutes are corrupted they are attached with many crimes like stealing money from their clients.
    Alcohol and cigarettes are too expensive.
    Trains are not punctual.
    Kissing in public is not a good manner.
    Pay respect when you take photos with Buddha statues.
    Keep your belongings secure.
    DON’T: forget to pack insect repellent.
    Riding a motor bike is too risky.
    Be careful when you travel hill country when rainy days. There is a possibility to occur landslides.
    Be careful when you visit mountains and jungle there are many deadly snakes like cobra, viper etc.
    The quality of mineral water different from place to place there for you have to bring your own bottle of water.
    Public Toilets facilities are not available everywhere.
    Be careful when you eat spicy foods at the very first time it would hurt your stomach.
    Most of the tourist have drowned in the sea there for do not enter to sea from unsafe places.
    Always hired a metered taxi. 20. Beware from mosquito bites there is some possibility to have dengue fever.

20 Things not to do in Vietnam | Vietnam Travel tips.

1. Karaoke/Prostitution is Illegal in Vietnam.
2. Do not eat dog meat (thịt chó) or cat meat (thịt mèo).
3. Don’t get drugs from anyone, you will be reported to the police and the “reporters” will be rewarded with the commission from the police. There are  many kinds of traps like these.

4. Get train tickets at the train station, not from the third party.
5. There is no rule for Luggage Fee when you get on the bus or train.
6. Try to avoid packaged trips, they make unwanted stops for spending your money for their business partners. Literally, it will waste your time.

7. Don’t keep your iPhone or any other valuables on the table.
8. Try to get mai linh or vinasun taxis.
9. Cash your traveler’s checks at sacom bank for a 2% fee it will save your money from inflated atm.

10. Be very careful when CROSSING THE ROAD.
11. Be careful with motorbikes, most of the tourist died by bike accidents, don’t forget to bring your travel health insurance and information card.
12. Motorbike Rental is the common scam, owner’s gang follows you and steal your bike back and ask for compensation.

13. Don’t ride bikes without Vietnamese driving permit. If you are get caught, your rented bike can be impounded for 30 days then you have to pay the rent for an owner.

14. Don’t use Internet Cafes for any reason it will expose your personal data through keyloggers.
15. Don’t try the unboiled soup, make sure the soup is boiled otherwise you will get the stomach ache.

16. Try to avoid packaged trips, they make d stops for spending your money for their business partners. Literally, it will waste your time.

17. Enter small shops if you really want to buy something from there. Don’t Check and leave, it makes them angry because they believe it is not the good sign of prosperity. It is better to watch from outside carefully before you enter small shops.